Although I have many thoughts and opinions on many things, I am not a doctor, therapist, counselor, or social worker.  I’m just a girl who feels broken sometimes.  Deep down we all feel broken, lost, alone, and beyond repair sometimes.  Some people are fixable or on the mend and some people have cracks so deep, no amount of glue or love or help can mend them.  These are the people I hope to help, even a little bit.  I want those people to know that you are never alone in your brokenness.  All of us have scars and cracks in our armor-some of us turn to drugs and alcohol-some of us turn to religion-some of us lose hope and think the only way to end our pain and forget the horrors done to us, is to die.  If you feel these feelings please reach out to someone, anyone, even me.

http://suicidepreventionlifeline.org       (800) 273-8255

http://www.nami.org                             (800) 950-6264

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